Companies for NYC Local Law 87 Compliance

Local Law 87 rules mandate that an energy audit be conducted by an independent energy auditor that is not on the staff of the entity engaging in the audit. The auditor should be an approved agency authorized by department to perform audits and will prepare and certify a report of the energy audit. Retro-commissioning should be performed by an approved retro-commissioning agent who will also prepare and certify a retro-commissioning report.

To ensure that the auditor performs a comprehensive Level II audit, which is the minimum level of audit required by Local Law 87, property owners and managers should make sure that they hire the most knowledgeable and experienced company that provides these services. In addition to being qualified, the auditor should also demonstrate experience in identifying and procuring grants, rebates and incentives for customers' unique energy efficiency needs.

As a leading end-to-end full service energy consulting & carbon management company, Associated Renewable has the tools, skills and human capital necessary to help you meet your Local Law 87 compliance needs. Our retro-commissioning experts and energy auditors meet the standards set by the department to conduct energy audits and retro-commissioning under the purview of Local Law 87. With the help of our Energy Auditing Services, customers are assured that their energy efficiency reports are comprehensive, detailed and all-inclusive for submission to the department.