Energy Grants

Grant: An award of financial assistance, which does not have to be repaid, to carry out a specific public purpose of support.   In order to receive a grant the prospective recipient must submit a formal request to the organization. 

Our Process:

Associated Renewable's dedicated team of Grants Services experts guides property managers and owners through the entire grants procurement process right from due diligence through the application and acquisition of time-limited funds. Contact our team to inquire about your eligiblity and application for grants offered by NYSERDA, Con Edison and other entities.

Some available grants include:


NYSERDA - Multifamily Performance Program (MPP)

Applicable Sectors: Multi-family residential

Focus on: Energy efficiency technology, per unit payments

Other: Find a multifamily existing buildings partner


NYSERDA - Assisted Home Performance Grants

Applicable Sectors: Multi-family residential and low-income residential

Focus on: Assisted subsidy and low-interest financing

Other: Application


NYSERDA – EmPower New York

Applicable Sectors: Multi-family residential and low-income residential (i.e., HEAP-eligible)

Focus on: Energy efficiency measures like cost-effective electric reduction, insulation, lighting upgrades - assessment of your home and its energy-using systems.

Other: More InformationEligibilityApplication Request


NYSERDA – FlexTech (Flexible Technical Assistance)

Applicable Sectors: Commercial, industrial, institutional, government, and not-for-profit sectors

New Construction Program Financial Incentives

Focus on: Cost-effective energy efficiency, technical evaluations, process improvement analysis, energy master plans, retro-commissioning, and development of peak load curtailment plans (PLCPs) as well as combined heat & power (CHP) projects

Amount: More than $90 million in grants available for energy efficiency assessments of building designs and reduction in incremental costs from installation of energy-efficient equipment

Due Date: Applications accepted through December 31, 2015 or until funds are fully committed

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