Funding Your Energy Retrofits to Obtain Free Local Law 87 Compliance

Market for Financing Energy Efficiency in the Commercial Sector

According to a new study by Pike Research, the total potential market for major green commissioning practices in the U.S commercial building sector is approximately $400 billion. As such, many federal and state programs have been created to provide incentives for retro-commissioning. Cash incentives, grants and rebates are some of the financial options available for commercial retro-commissioning. Associated Renewable helps clients procure such funding so that Local Law 87 compliance can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Internal Financing for Local Law 87 Measures

Property owners and managers that submit to an energy audit with Associated Renewable will have the option of financing energy efficiency measures identified in the audit of their facilities. The Finance and Grants Services divisions will work with you to set up the terms and schedule of payment. If the team determines that your facility is eligible for an energy performance contract, in which energy savings can be used to pay for the ECMs, you will be provided with a detailed plan to finance those energy conservation measures post-audit.

We’ve Got You Covered for LL87

Associated Renewable offers zero up-front costs funding to all qualifying buildings that require funds for capital improvements and equipment upgrades (retrofits) such as:  boiler tune-ups and heating fuel conversions, BMS controls optimization, building envelope weatherization, lighting retrofits, HVAC systems upgrades, sensors and controls installations and all other energy efficiency measures identified during the energy audit.

To learn more about the ways in which you can take advantage of our energy retrofit fund for obtaining free Local Law 87 compliance, please call the Finance team at (212) 658-0062 or email